dimanche 20 juin 2010

Presentation de Presbytera Anna en anglais.

Orthodoxy & Spirituality. Writer hired for the Defence of the True Orthodox Faith. UNDER PERSECUTION, with its Orthodox Church, like all True Defenders & Confessors of the True Orthodox Faith. Dissenting Western Secular Atheist Persecutor Rights of Woman and Man & Anti-Christian Orthodox. In the Union of Prayer with all the Orthodox saints of the catacombs, Deserts & Lairs of the Earth.
Decreed by Sarkozy "unfit for duty as Professor, and to always post" (sic). Declared a crowning public scandal, "unfit to be mothers" (sic), although a mother of seven, including a Holy Martyr, Death with his father, Grand Theologian, Father Patric Ranson, anc. Researcher at CNRS Philosophy. From there, after Wife of Priest - "Presbyter", or "Pappadia" with significance "Woman Priest" Widow of Priest. Then Bishop's wife, married according to the canons of the Holy Orthodox Church, many of the Saints have been, or being married. To date, Old Woman of the Bishop Photios, the last lines written by the hand of Saint Ambrose of Paris were appointed to be the Bishop Exarch of France.
Spiritual & Daughter darling of St. Ambrose, Paris, by him in charge of the Depot retransmit Writings Apostolic Posted by Apostolic Tradition of the Apostles of Christ, without ceasing to Spiritual Father in Children of the True Orthodox Faith.
Graduated from the Ecole Normale Superieure (Ulm-Sèvres), Translator & Writer Hired for Women's Rights, Rights, & the True Orthodox Faith, under the True Orthodox Christian. Certified Professor of Classics. Eligible for Aggregation Classics. Barry the oral two aggregations Classics & Philosophy, as well as two Master of Philosophy of Aesthetics, the professor who dared to declare: "Or I put zero, or I say that you did not come support this thesis (a hundred pages thick argued before it.) Reduced Social Status in Unrecognized called "Bac + 15", and the profession's outstanding Worker Without Pay (TSP). removed without pay from his position as Professor. Decreed Mental Void . deported three times to Asylums of France-China. Jetty Cell Isolation. escapee. Someone to. Harassed. Victim of Persecution state Outrageous. Researcher free, not qualified to be deprived of any decent wage to intellectual status . Poetess National (Censored).

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